To Whom it may concern:
     It was my pleasure to be associated with Koch Mechanical, who was the mechanical subcontractor in the Heating Plant Modification project from 1991 - 1993.  During this time, Koch successfully dealt with numerous challenges, the more significant of which was:

1) The requirement that the Heating Plant remain operational while major mechanical changes were completed, and 
2) Precise prefabrication of mechanical and pipe modules so as to minimize the extensive and hazardous field assembly required.

I endorse their involvement in any industrial related project.  Koch has the expertise, is dedicated to quality work, and is sensitive to the owner's requirements.


Robert R. Rhoads / Asst. Utilities Manager
Brigham Young University
Physical Facilities Division
Provo, Ut.

- BYU Physical Facilities
Dear Gordon,
     It seems like it was only yesterday that we became acquainted and became involved in projects together when we were both young and short on experience.  Now as time has passed and we reflect back on our careers we can point to many successful projects that dot the skyline of our valleys.  You as well as I, have had the opportunity to work with a number of engineers and contractors and have formed certain opinions on how they conduct business.  From my standpoint I think of you and your company as one of the premier mechanical construction companies with whom we have had the opportunity to be associated with over the years.  You have demonstrated that fairness and honesty are int regal to your day to day operations and that you respect our place on the construction team.  Our office is always pleased when we are informed that you are the successful mechanical contractor on a project because we know that you will have competent personnel on the project and that you are interested in making sure that the project is constructed in professional and workman like manner.  Your people are cooperative, forward thinking and communicate well when working through problems.  I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone who is in need of a reliable, competent, and cooperative mechanical construction company.  Thanks for the association over the years and I hope that there will be more exciting projects on which we can associate in the future.

J. Howard Van Boerum, P.E.
Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
To Whom it may concern:
     KOCH Mechanical has been prequalified to work on the Brigham Young University campus both as a prime contractor and a subcontractor for several years.  We include them as a prequalified subcontractor on all projects requiring mechanical work.
They are an experienced and seasoned contractor.  KOCH is concerned with quality, timely completion, and compliance with plans and specifications.  Their employees have proven capable, efficient, and represent themselves in a professional manner.
If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to call me at 801.378.2269.

Craig Lybbert
Construction Project Coordinator
Brigham young University
Physical Facilities Division
- BYU Campus
To whom it may concern:
February 24, 2009

I am happy to recommend Koch Inc. for any project that he is seeking.  This firm, under the leadership of Felipe Ontiveros, completed a chiller project at our East Campus chiller plant in 2004.  The work was completed on schedule, neat and thorough.  They were very cooperative and demonstrated a very good understanding of our needs.

I make no hesitation in recommending Koch to you.  If you need any further information, please write or phone.


David Henry
University of Utah
Facility Construction Division
- UU East Chiller
Letter of Reference
     Koch Inc. has been a mechanical contractor at Huish Detergents for many years.  They provide Huish with mechanical expertise on fabrication of stainless steel equipment and in particular industrial stainless steel piping systems.

Huish Detergents has contracted Koch for many large piping jobs; with good success on all of them.  Safety is one of Koch's strong points.  

Koch provides reputable, professional quality work for all of their installations.  All of their staff are easy to work with and they offer good engineering solutions to our piping problems.  Huish has not only used Koch to do piping, but also rigging on large equipment, fabrication and subcontracting for other crafts as needed.

Koch is always available for emergencies, both from the office and from employees on site.  I am always pleased to recommend Koch, Inc.  They do good work.

Roy Walker
Project Manager
Huish Detergents
- Huish Detergents
December 1, 2010
"During the holiday season, we think of the many blessings we have as a company and that includes you, one of our most valued customers. We appreciate not only the business you have given us, but also your commitment to maintaining a strong credit rating
for your company.  In these difficult economic times, we acknowledge your prompt payment habits and thank you for handling this important business responsibility.  Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference, as we value our relationship and are proud to call you our customer."

Kirk H. Morgan / General Manager
Maria C. Esposito / Credit Manager
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

- Ferguson
Brent Kimball-PM/Okland Construction "Thanks for your help on the pumps at Block 75. It is Koch's great attitude to follow up on issues/problems on past projects that make me want to use Koch on future projects"
- Okland Construction
Ryan Dain-Supt/Westland Construction "Thanks again for your work and professionalism at UVRMC. I've told you already it was a pleasure working with you and Koch...You are definitely the top of the Mechanical industry as far as I am concerned.
Paul Gutierrez Supt on Watson Labs/Okland Construction "Jack, Thanks to you and Lehi, and all of your staff for your efforts in bringing this portion of the work to a successful conclusion. It is clear that the quality of your installation has impressed our client. This speaks well of Koch Mechanical and the level of workmanship exhibited by your crew."
- Okland Construction
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