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Central Utilities Plant - BYU

Central Utilities Plant for Brigham Young University. Renovation required keeping the utilities on line while adding a new HTHW boiler in the existing plant. The duration on this project was over 20 months. A unique aspect of this project was how to handle and put in place the boiler, which was so large it required two cranes to lift and set in place.

Wilkinson Center Student Union Bldg.

This is the the Student Union Building for Brigham Young University. This 370,000 sq. ft building had a 30 month construction time frame and at the time of completion was the largest building on the BYU campus.

Salt Lake County Government Offices

This government complex consists of three office buildings totaling 520,000 sq. ft. and contains all of Salt Lake County Government offices.   The complex utilizes a Central Utility Plant with central cooling and heating distribution piping for the VAV system and perimeter heating.

BYU Marriott HTHW Tunnel

This project includes approximately 1300 LF of High Temperature Hot Water piping in a new utilities tunnel for the Marriott Center, a 23,000
seat basketball arena at BYU.

This project started in June 2009 and was completed in a 6 month time frame.  There were two different shutdowns as we needed to tie into two different buildings while maintaining services and still completing our scope of work.

Utah State Capitol CUP

The Central Utility Plant for the Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City consisted of a complete renovation of the Heating and Chilled water system and seismic retrofit on this 100 year-old State Capitol Building.
The project started in June 2006 and had a 24 month duration.

Koch faced many challenges and was responsible for keeping the old system on line while installing the new chilled and hot water heating distribution lines in sizes up to 12".  There was a lot of co-ordination between the owner and other subcontractors as the new system was brought on line.

East Campus Chiller Retrofit

On the campus of the University of Utah, this project consisted of installing new chillers and a cooling tower and removing the old chiller while keeping the existing system on line at all times. Pipe sizes ranged from 16" to 24".

This required much planning and coordination between Koch, Inc. and the owner, who pre-purchased all of the equipment. Koch also acted as the
Prime contractor with responsibility over several subcontractors.  This job started in April of 2004 with a quick 4 month duration.

BYU Life Science

 This beautiful 185,000 sq. ft. 4 story Life Science building is located on the BYU Campus in Provo, UT.  This facility has a floor to ceiling interior atrium which presented special exhaust challenges. The mechanical utilities are fed using the campus central utility tunnels, and are supplemented with equipment located in underground mechanical vaults.  The project schedule had a 30 month time frame which was finished on time and on budget.  The utilization of BIM and clash detection early on in the design phase, helped co-ordinate the installation of the large duct work, and the miles of specialty piping involved which supports the Life Science Learning experience.
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