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Sun Products

Sun Products manufactures many types of detergents and fabric softening agents and is constantly improving and expanding their processes.  We have been involved for many years installing tanks, carbon, stainless steel, and other specialty piping.

Compeq USA

Compeq is a circuit-board manufacturing plant in Salt Lake City. This project was completed in two phases several years apart and included clean rooms, water treatment piping, process piping, fume scrubbers, huge chemical mixing tanks and special waste containment piping.  The first phase of the project contained over 80,000 lineal feet of piping of all kinds and was completed in just 10 months. Each phase was completed under a different general contractor.

Fidelity Office Building at the Gateway

This 213,600 sq. ft. project in downtown Salt Lake City primarily functions as a data center with administrative offices for Fidelity Investments.

This was one of the last buildings to be constructed in this complex and special attention was paid to equipment deliveries and safety for shopping patrons. The project had a duration of approximately 14 months.

Office of Information and Technology

This three story, 80,000 sq. ft. facility is a state of the art IT training facility on the BYU campus with a project duration of approximately 16 months.
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