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Benson Science Building

Located on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo, Utah, the 100,000 sq. ft. building includes classroom and laboratory space complete with  laboratory exhaust hoods and gases.

Park City Medical Center

Located in the beautiful ski resort town of  Park City, Utah, this 153,000 sq. ft. full service hospital also includes a 2 story medical office building and two levels of parking.  The construction period was approximately 24 months. Snow melting for the helipad and patient walkways totaled 23,000 sq. ft.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

UVRMC is a full service medical office building  complete with 4 operating rooms, patient care and recovery rooms and physical therapy areas. 
This 4 story 93,000 sq. ft. project also includes steam sterilization and medical gas piping.  The built up air handling unit provides the necessary air distribution system.

NPS Pharmaceutical

This pharmaceutical research facility located at Research Park in Salt Lake City has a vivarium with a 100% redundant HVAC system and a complete laboratory with source gasses and a variable air volume exhaust with laboratory exhaust hoods.

Myriad Genetics

This 3 story research laboratory is the first of multiple phases and is located in the University of Utah Research Park area. Specialty clean room piping and stainless steel hoods and exhaust ductwork were used along with high purity HEPA filtration.

Fresenius Medical Manufacturing

This medical manufacturing facility located in Ogden, Utah was 24 months in duration and includes thousands of feet of high purity piping and specializes in the manufacture of filters for kidney dialysis machines.

American Fork Hospital

This expansion project consisted of the addition of a new central utility plant and patient and operating rooms. The hospital was in full operation while this expansion took place for which extra precautions were implemented to assure that no construction dirt or debris entered the air ventilation system.

Intermountain Medical Center

Intermountain Medical Center is the largest health care facility in the Intermountain West and was voted Project of the Year  in Utah for 2007.  Our portion consisted of the 193,000 sq. ft. Heart Center and the 486 room, 586,000 sq. ft., 14 story Patient Tower.  All completed over a 30 month time frame.  The project also included 50,000 sq. ft. of snow melt for the helipad and outdoor walkways.  In addition, we also completed a separate Core Laboratory Building. This facility also houses the second largest hyperbaric chamber in the U.S.

We faced special challenges on this project as the project was already several months into construction before the mechanical design was complete and a contract could be awarded.

IHC Utah Valley Regional Medical Center - CUP

This is a new addition to their existing Central Utility Plant which added 3 new Steam Boilers and associated surge tanks, a new Water Softening System, and a buried 20,000 gallon fuel oil tank. I addition to the new equipment, we also installed 4 new Air handling units. With this being a continuously operating hospital application, numerous meetings and care with facility operators were needed to coordinate all utility shutdowns in order to accommodate system turnovers, without effecting hospital operations.

IHC Salt Lake City Clinic

IHC built this new 130,000 sq. ft. 4 story health clinic facility for patient examination and treatment. It houses and MRI unit and has DI Laboratory Water. The mechanical equipment sits in the penthouse which houses the hot water boilers and chillers. It also features a snow melting system for employee and patient safety.

Huntsman Cancer Institute

This six story cancer research facility on the University of Utah campus was voted statewide Project of the Year in 1999.  The construction duration was about 30 months and it consists of approximately 224,000 sq. ft.  This facility also includes a vivarium that required a special air filtration system and there were also many laboratory hoods and source gasses required at this state of the art facility.
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